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My name is Hardy and I am a graduate of Washington State University (GO COUGS!) with two Bachelor's Degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science with an emphasis on Pre-Law and a graduate of Bond University with a Master's Degree in Criminology. As a undergraduate at WSU, I chose to study abroad for a semester at Griffith University in Brisbane, Queensland, in Australia in 2007 and in 2010, decided to go back and study for my masters degree in Criminology. I love to travel and with that, have decided to create this blog for both friends and strangers to follow my traveling adventures wherever I may be in the world.

I was born and raised in Germany moving back and forth between Washington and Germany up until 1999 when my family settled for good in Tacoma, Washington. As a kid I had traveled all over from Austria, Czech republic as well as Italy for a 5th grade field trip for a week. I've been to Canada numerous times as well as countless other countries. I hope to one day find a career within my field that requires me to travel. I have two ultimate goals on my bucket list: fill my passport up and go to Antarctica.

In my spare time you can usually catch me playing video games, making music or planning my next big thrill. My goal in life is just be happy with who I am and do what I want to do in life. If anyone who knows me, they know I'm not the type to want to settle down but instead keep on moving. I've caught grief from many people over the years regarding my inability to 'settle down', 'grow up' and mature, but I feel my current lifestyle is allowing me to mature both personally and culturally.

This blog is about a young adult traveling and having the time of his life while searching for his grand calling. I'm always keen to making new friends so don't be shy and shoot me a message.

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